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News and Announcements

NISO/DCMI Webinar: Implementing Linked Data in Developing Countries and Low-Resource Conditions

A NISO/DCMI Webinar with Johannes Keizer and Caterina Caracciolo will be held online at 1:00PM Eastern Time on 25 September 2013 (17:00 UTC - see World Clock: Open data is a crucial prerequisite for inventing and disseminating the innovative practices needed for agricultural development. To be usable, data must not just be open in principle -- i.e., covered by licenses that allow re-use. Data must also be published in a technical form that allows it to be integrated into a wide range of applications.

Final Program published for DC-2013

The Conference Committee of DC-2013 has published the final program of the event. On Monday, 2 September, there will be four half-day Tutorials in parallel tracks with Ivan Herman, Steven Mill, Kai Eckert and Daniel Garijo. The conference on Tuesday through Thursday, 3-5 September, includes three keynotes, paper sessions, project reports, posters, and an array of special sessions. Friday, 6 September is devoted to two full-day workshops: (1) CAMP-4-Data (Cyberinfrastructure and Metadata Protocols); and (2) VocDay 2013 (Managing Vocabularies).

RDF representations of Collection Description vocabularies updated

The RDF representations of the vocabularies created in 2007 to support the Dublin Core Collections Application Profile [1] have been updated. The Accrual Method [2], Accrual Policy [3], and Frequency [4] vocabularies are now declared as SKOS Concept Schemes. These vocabularies (and their PURLs), along with Collection Description Terms [5] and the Collection Description Type vocabulary [6], fall under DCMI's policy for the persistence of formal documents and machine-readable schemas published on the DCMI website [7].

DCMI and ASIS announce management partnership

On 30 June 2013, DCMI reaches a significant milestone in its history when it ceases operations in Singapore as a company limited by guarantee and starts the next phase of its development as a project of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIST). DCMI and ASIST share a common goal to advance the "research that drives and the practices that sustain new developments". The decision to restructure was motivated by the desire of DCMI's governing Oversight Committee to shape a more dynamic and responsive institutional structure, while retaining DCMI's proven mission, goals and objectives and its commitments to an open, consensus-driven community.

Preliminary Program for DC-2013 Published

The organizing committee of DC-2013 ( has published the preliminary program of the event. On Monday, 2 September there will be four half-day tutorials in two parallel tracks. The program for the conference on Tuesday through Thursday, 3-5 September, includes keynotes and paper sessions, posters and four special sessions. On Friday, 6 September, two full-day workshops will address Managing Vocabularies (VocDay) and Cyber-infrastructure and Metadata Protocols (CAMP-4-Data) for scientific data. DC-2013 is collocated with iPRES and delegates can choose from sessions offered by both conferences.

Registration for DC-2013 now open!

Online registration for DC-2013 in Lisbon is now open at DC-2013 and iPRES-2013 are collocated and run in parallel. During the event, delegates are welcome to choose sessions that best fit their interests from either conference . Keynotes are held in common plenaries, and, social events are common, providing a excellent opportunity for DCMI and iPRES delegates to socialize, share common interests and network.

DCMI-AsiaPac regional workshop in Singapore: 'RDA, DC and Linked Data'

DCMI-AsiaPac will hold a regional workshop in Singapore on 15 August 2013 as part of the DCMI Regional Meetings Series. The theme for the one-day workshop will be "RDA, DC and LOD" and will be comprised of two half-day seminars. The Workshop will be held the day before the IFLA IT Section's conference on "User interaction based on library linked data" on 16 August. IFLA WLIC itself will run from 17-23 Aug 2013.

UW iSchool joins DCMI as inaugural Institutional Member

DCMI is please to announce that the Information School of the University of Washington in Seattle, USA, has joined DCMI as the inaugural Institutional Member in the Initiative's revised membership programs. As a leading member of the iSchool movement, the University of Washington Information School is a model for other information schools around the globe. Assistant Professor Joseph T. Tennis will represent the Information School on the DCMI Oversight Committee. Regional, Institutional and Supporting members of DCMI are pivotal to guaranteeing the continuing contributions of DCMI to the metadata community.

NISO/DCMI Webinar: Semantic Mashups Across Large, Heterogeneous Institutions: Experiences from the VIVO Service

A NISO/DCMI Webinar with John Fereira will be held online at 1:00PM Eastern Time on 22 May 2013 (17:00 UTC - see World Clock: This webinar will present the perspectives of a software developer on the practicalities of building a high-quality Semantic-Web search service on existing data maintained in dozens of formats and software platforms at large, diverse institutions using Vivo, a semantic web application focused on discovering researchers and research publications in the life sciences.

DC-2013 Session: Long-term Preservation and Governance of RDF Vocabularies

The DC-2013 Special Session titled Long-term Preservation and Governance of RDF Vocabularies will be sponsored by W3C and will focuses on issues related to the usability of RDF vocabularies in the long term (as defined in "decades") including continued access to documentation, inheritance of ownership and maintenance responsibility, and the continued resolvability of domain names. The usability of Linked Data relies on the ability to interpret what the data means, which depends on the availability of the RDF vocabularies used in the data.