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DCMI announces completion of governance restructuring

DCMI is pleased to announce the completion of the restructuring of its governance and management. The first phase of the structuring was complete in June 2013 when DCMI ceased operations as a Company Limited by Guarantee in Singapore and became a project of ASIS&T. The second phase of the restructuring began at the annual meeting of the Oversight and Advisory Boards at DC-2013 in Lisbon in September 2013. The primary goals of the restructuring were to first reduce the management overhead of the Initiative and second to broaden the base of governance with greater responsibilities in the work of the Initiative being assumed by the community through a new 3-board structure with standing committees. The restructuring also focused on achieving greater clarity in terms of the processes and goals of the Initiative in the generation of new specifications and metadata best practice resources. For more details of the restructuring, please see the Chair's Message at _blank">


Wednesday, March 19, 2014