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Speakers chosen for DCMI-UK London meeting on libraries and the Semantic Web

The organizers of the DCMI-UK regional meeting at the British Library on 26-27 April 2012 are pleased to announce the preliminary list of speakers for the meeting including Barbara Tillett (Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA (JSC)), Robina Claphan (Europeana), Mirna Willer (IFLA ISBD Review Group), Pat Riva (IFLA FRBR Review Group), Thomas Baker (DCMI), Gordon Dunsire (IFLA Namespaces Technical Group and DCMI), Diane Hillmann (DCMI and Metadata Management Associates) and Owen Stephens (JISC). The regional meeting is co-endorsed by DCMI and DCMI-Member JISC. Registration for the meeting is now open at the meeting website.

Monday, April 02, 2012