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Major update of DCMI Metadata Terms documentation

A major maintenance update of "DCMI Metadata Terms" and the related RDF schemas has been released with improved definitions and usage comments, differentiation between Syntax Encoding Schemes and Vocabulary Encoding Schemes, and the specification of formal domains and ranges for properties. Domains and ranges specify what kind of described resources and value resources are associated with a given property e.g., that dcterms:rights refers to a dcterms:RightsStatement in support of semantic inferencing processes. So as not to affect the conformance of legacy implementations, ranges have been left unspecified for the fifteen properties of the dc: namespace ( In order to provide semantically more precise alternatives for Semantic Web applications, ranges have been defined for fifteen like-named properties in the dcterms: namespace ( Following the revised DCMI Abstract Model of June 2007, the new documentation reflects the definition of a Vocabulary Encoding Scheme as an enumerated set of resources. The full set of changes is detailed in the document Revisions to DCMI Metadata Terms.

Monday, January 14, 2008