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Results of mid-year meeting of the DCMI Usage Board

The DCMI Usage Board held its mid-year meeting in Barcelona on 16-17 March 2007. The Usage Board reviewed a revised version of the Collection Description Application Profile, determined that it "conforms" to the DCMI Abstract Model, and is finalizing a formal review. A proposal for assigning domains and ranges to DCMI properties was discussed in light of public comment and is being revised for a further round of public comment in May 2007. The Usage Board formulated responses to comments submitted during a five-year review of NISO/ANSI Z39.85-2001 (the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set) held from 23 January to 8 March 2007. Having completed editorial revisions of the Element Set and the Type Vocabulary, the Usage Board is currently preparing a set of clarifications and updates to the remaining DCMI metadata terms for public comment later this year.

Monday, April 02, 2007