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Public Comment on a DCMI vocabulary of domain and range classes

In connection with the revision of the DCMI Abstract Model, Andy Powell has developed a proposal for a vocabulary of classes and their use as the domains and ranges of metadata elements maintained by DCMI. Domains and ranges specify -- in a form usable for inferencing -- what kind of described resources and value resources are associated with a given property. The assignment of formal domains and ranges makes the meanings implicit in natural-language definitions available for machine processing. So as not to affect the conformance of legacy implementations of Simple Dublin Core in RDF (see notes on this issue), DCMI proposes to replicate the fifteen elements of the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set currently identified using the namespace in the namespace Terms in the former namespace are to remain unspecified as to domain and range; terms in the latter are to be assigned domains and ranges as outlined in the proposal. "Domains and Ranges for DCMI Properties" has been posted for Public Comment from 5 February through 5 March 2007. Interested members of the public are invited to post comments to the DC-ARCHITECTURE mailing list, including "[Domains and Ranges Public Comment]" in the subject line. After Public Comment, the proposal will be submitted to the DCMI Usage Board for a further review and decision.

Monday, February 05, 2007