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DCMI Board of Trustees met in Budapest in May

The DCMI Board of Trustees mid-year meeting convened in Budapest, Hungary at the end of May to discuss ongoing activities and review organizational plans and activities for the coming months.

Agenda items included the DCMI Directorate leadership transition, status of current working group activities, strategic opportunities, discussion of funding opportunities and financial status of DCMI, and progress on organization of the upcoming DC Conference in Seattle.

The development and prospects of the Affiliate program occupied a significant part of the meeting, coming soon after the establishment of the National Library of Finland as DCMI's first National Affiliate. Discussions continue with additional prospects in this important effort to distribute ownership and support of DCMI more widely. Discussions included the evolving form of governance of DCMI and how this might be distributed more broadly to reflect the interests of stakeholders.

Other agenda issues included strategic liaisons that will be increasingly important as the metadata landscape evolves and the role that DCMI can play in helping consolidate a stable metadata architecture on the Web.

The DCMI Board of Trustees meets twice a year in face-to-face meetings and communicates through teleconferences and email as issues arise. The next meeting will be held in conjunction with DC-2003 in Seattle.

Thursday, July 03, 2003