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DC-Lab to Highlight DC-Based Systems & Services at DC-2003

Register for DC-2003 today! The registration form for the Conference, Tutorial, and Workshop tracks as well as pre-Conference workshops is available at [cached copy]. In addition, the new DC-Lab will provide organizations with the opportunity to present their DC-based applications to interested attendees in an informal setting. The DC-Lab will be open throughout the conference and will take place in a space accommodating approximate 6-8 simultaneous demonstrations. The facility will be equipped with a wireless network and several data projectors. Approximately one half of the space will be dedicated to pre-scheduled presentations and the remaining space will be filled on a drop-in basis. Daily early morning announcements will be made at DC-2003 of the DC-Lab schedule. Organizations interested in sharing their applications with attendees through the DC-Lab should contact Danielle Miller at

Monday, June 30, 2003