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Finland becomes the first DCMI Affiliate

DCMI and the National Library of Finland are pleased to announce that Finland has become DCMI's first National Affiliate. The DCMI Affiliate program is intended to provide a stronger link between local communities of practice and the Initiative. Affiliates will help promote the adoption of Dublin Core specifications, and provide a training and consulting foundation to help promulgate adoption of DC specifications. They will also maintain translations of base DCMI standards and documentation as appropriate for the locale. Affiliates will help support the infrastructure and management of DCMI, and in return, will assume a growing governance role in the Initiative.

Juha Hakala, Director, Information Technology for the National Library, and a long time Dublin Core partipant, sees DCMI Affiliation as an important strategic link between the National Library and many non-traditional constituents of the National Library.

Finland has adopted Dublin Core as a basic part of the government's information technology strategy, making DC a Finnish National Standard published by the Finnish Standards Association SFS, and maintained & supported by the National Library.

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Monday, May 05, 2003