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DC-2003 Pre-Conference Workshops Announced

Two DC-2003 pre-conference workshops will be offered on Sunday, 28 September 2003:

Metadata Search sponsored by the DCMI Corporate Circle. This all day workshop will focus on internal or site search technology, as opposed to external, Internet or web search technology (although some technology is applicable to both internal and external search applications). There will be presentations by experts, implementation case studies from our community, demonstrations by search technology vendors, and lots of time for Q&A with our experts, practitioners, vendors, and among ourselves.

Metadata Primer sponsored by the Information School of the University of Washington. This all day workshop will introduce the basics of metadata. In this primer, participants will learn metadata's role in resource discovery, management, and interoperability. We will cover the basics questions. "What is metadata?" "What can metadata do?" "How does XML figure into this?" These questions and more will be covered through interactive lectures and hands on computer lab-based mini-projects. The primer will be team-taught by members of the community of the Information School of the University of Washington and other select instructors who actively work with metadata.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003