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IllumiNet Corpus

Corpus is a search engine written in Java that index content, context and metadata in documents on the network or on the local file system. It is used as a "distributed relational database" for document-oriented solutions with metadata as indexed keys.

It also features:

  • Rich result overviews, structured by document context or by clustering
  • XML and RSS result output from built in HTTP server east to integrate with XSL transforms
  • Parser for multiple formats including HTML, XML-formats, PDF, DOC etc.
  • Auto generate metadata agent that uses LDAP and URL mappings
  • Direct indexing using WebDAV log or file system auditing events.
  • Web and command line administration
  • API's for new agents, spiders and parsers

Jonas Bosson, IllumiNet AB, Stockholm, Sweden
+46-(0)8 666 96 61 (CET)

Monday, February 11, 2002