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News for 1999


MetaChem is a single Web-based focal point for access to chemistry information resources of all kinds.

'Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML', IETF RFC 2731, is now available

The Dublin Core is a small set of metadata element for describing information resources. This document explains how these element are expressed using the META and LINK tags of HTML 4.0.

DCMI web site is now mirrored in Australia and the UK

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative is pleased to announce that two mirrors of the official Dublin Core Metadata Initiative web site have been established in Australia and in the United Kingdom.

The service, a first entry point to UK public sector information on the internet, uses the Dublin Core RDF vocabulary to describe each of the resources available on the site.

Manuscripts and Letters via Integrated Networks in Europe (MALVINE)

MALVINE opens new and enhanced access to disparate holdings of modern manuscripts and letters, kept and catalogued in European libraries, archives, documentation centres and museums.

Open eBook announces final version of their new 1.0 specification

One element of the Open eBook Initiative is a specification for eBook file and format structure based on HTML and XML. It is important to note that Dublin Core is the metadata standard being promoted in the specification.

Dublin Core Element Set, Version 1.1 moves to Recommendation

The Dublin Core Directorate is pleased to announce that a set of revised element definitions has been made a Recommendation.

CIMI Announces the release of the 'Guide to Best Practice: Dublin Core'

The Guide addresses Dublin Core 1.0 as documented in RFC 2413 and is an important result of CIMI's Dublin Core test bed, an ongoing effort to explore the usability, simplicity and technical feasibility of Dublin Core for museum information.

DC-Education Working Group Announced

A new Dublin Core working group has been constituted to discuss and develop a proposal for the use of Dublin Core metadata in the description of educational resources. The scope includes educational resources applicable for many national education communities and cross-sectoral communities (e.g., K-12, further and higher education, and lifelong learning).

Business Entry Point (BEP)

The Australian government's BEP is an initiative to make it easier for Australian businesses to deal with the government.