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MIReG Metadata Framework - Element Set

Draft - 2001-08-28

Additions to Dublin Core for the retrieval of government information

Elements needed for the accurate and efficient retrieval of information, especially electronic information, held on web sites, intranets and in organisation's internal file management systems.

A. Additional Elements and their refinements

  1. Audience
    A category of user for whom the resource is intended

B. Additional refinements to existing DC elements

  1. Date
Acquisition Date on which the resource was received into the organisation
  1. Relation
IsBasedOn The resource is an adaptation, translation, derivation or interpretation of another resource
IsBasisFor The resource is adapted, translated, derived or interpreted by another resource
  1. Rights
Protective marking The official security classification of the resource
FOI release details Indicates the resource's status under any Freedom of Information Act or related legislation or regulations
Copyright Indicates the copyright status of the resource
  1. Subject
Category Broad subject categories from a prescribed list
Keyword Words or terms to describe, as specifically as possible, the subject matter of the resource
  1. Type
Aggregation level File series; File/folder; Document/item
File type Policy; Case; Parliamentary Question; Minister's Case
Document type Minutes, Agenda, Consultation document, Report, Web page, Web site index, Spreadsheet, Manual, etc.
Process Identifier Indicates a specific service or information, using an identifier taken from a recognised list.


The Advisory Board for the "EU Government Metadata Framework" is very interested in your views on these draft extensions to Dublin Core. Are they the right elements? Are other elements needed for dealing with resource discovery and government information?

You have approximately 1 week from 2001-08-28 to comment on this first draft. Please direct your comments to the DCMI Government Working Group mailing list.

After gathering comments, the Advisory Board will prepare the final proposal and submit it to the DCMI Usage Board.


Andrew Wilson, Chair, DCMI Government Working Group
Palle Aagaard, Chair, DCMI Government Working Group