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2003-2004 Activities of the Global Corporate Circle

The Global Corporate Circle executed the following activities in 2003-2004:

  1. Organizing a special session or conference track for next year's conference in Shanghai for case studies or best practices in implementing Dublin Core in the corporate setting. Efforts will be coordinated with the DCMI Leadership and local Shanghai advisory committee.
    Leader: Sarah Rice (rice@seneb.com) of Seneb Consulting
    Assisting: Harvey Kriloff (Harvey.z.kriloff@boeing.com) of Boeing
  2. An all day pre or post-conference workshop similar to the Search and Metadata workshop at next year's conference in Shanghai. Basic details for the conference workshop to be outlined by March or April of 2004.
    Leader: Paula Land (pland@u.washington.edu) of Microsoft
    Assisting: Lisa Chan (lisa@mywhine.com) of Stanford Graduate School of Business
  3. Collection of best practices, case studies and other materials with an ultimate goal of creating implementation guidelines for DC in the corporate setting. This will be facilitated through the Corporate Circle listserv (information on signing up for this closed list is available at the Corporate Circle web page under Forum), and resulting documents will be published on the Corporate Circle web site (or elsewhere depending on demand)
    Leader: Helen Josephine (helen.b.josephine@intel.com) of Intel
    Assisting: Igor Peresic (iperisic@entopia.com) of Entopia

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