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Dublin Core Collection Description Application Profile Summary

Creator: Dublin Core Collection Description Working Group
Date Issued: 2005-03-19
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Latest Version:
Status of Document: This is a Draft Dublin Core Application Profile.
Description of Document: This document presents a summary view of the draft application profile for collection-level description developed by the Dublin Core Collection Description Working Group.


Where names are listed below as Qualified Names, prefixes are assumed to be associated with Namespace Names as follows:

Please note that where the Qualified Name of a term (property/class) appears against a shaded background in the table below (i.e. all terms with the prefixes gen, cld and cldtype), this indicates that those terms have not yet been assigned persistent URIs. Until such persistent URIs are assigned, by DCMI or by some other naming authority, these terms should be considered to be unstable and should not be referenced in metadata descriptions, except as part of the evaluation/testing of this profile.

Proposed collection properties

Property label
Property name
(as Qualified Name)
Definition Encoding
Identifier dc:identifier A globally unique formal identifier for the collection. dcterms:URI
Title dc:title The name of the collection.  
Alternative Title dcterms:alternative
(sub-property of dc:title)
Any form of name used as a substitute or alternative to the formal name of the collection  
Description dcterms:abstract
(sub-property of dc:description)
A summary description of the content of the collection.  
Physical Characteristics dc:format The physical or digital characteristics of the collection.  
Size dcterms:extent
(sub-property of dc:format)
The size of the collection.  
Language dc:language A language of the content of the items in the collection. dcterms:ISO639-2
Type dc:type A type of the collection. cld:CLDType
Rights dc:rights A statement of any rights held in/over the collection.  
Access Rights dcterms:accessRights
(sub-property of dc:rights)
A statement of any access restrictions placed on the collection, including allowed users, charges, etc.  
Accrual Method dcterms:accrualMethod The method by which items are added to the collection. cld:
Accrual Periodicity dcterms:accrualPeriodicity The frequency with which items are added to the collection. cld:
Accrual Policy dcterms:accrualPolicy The policy governing the addition of items to the collection. cld:
Custodial History dcterms:provenance A statement of any changes in ownership and custody of the collection that are significant for its authenticity, integrity and interpretation.  
Audience dcterms:audience A class of entity for whom the collection is intended or useful.  
Logo cld:logo
(sub-property of dc:description)
An image or logo associated with the collection.  
Subject dc:subject A subject or topic associated with the items in the collection. dcterms:DDC
Spatial Coverage dcterms:spatial
(sub-property of dc:coverage)
The spatial coverage of the content of the items in the collection.
Temporal Coverage dcterms:temporal
(sub-property of dc:coverage)
The temporal coverage of the content of the items in the collection.  
Accumulation Date Range dcterms:created
(sub-property of dc:date)
The range of dates over which the collection was accumulated. gen:ISO8601
Contents Date Range cld:dateContentsCreated
(sub-property of dc:date)
The range of dates over which the individual items within the collection were created gen:ISO8601
Relationships between the Collection and Agents
Collector dc:creator An entity who gathers (or gathered) the items in a collection together.  
Owner marcrel:own An entity who has legal possession of the collection.  
Relationships between the Collection and Location, Collection and Service
Is Located At gen:isLocatedAt
(sub-property of dc:relation)
The location of the collection.  
Is Accessed Via gen:isAccessedVia
(sub-property of dc:relation)
A service that provides access to the collection.  
Relationships between Collections
Sub-collection dcterms:hasPart
(sub-property of dc:relation)
A second collection contained within the current collection.  
Super-collection dcterms:isPartOf
(sub-property of dc:relation)
A second collection that contains the current collection.  
Catalogue or collection description dc:description A second collection that describes the current collection (for example, the catalogue for the current collection).  
Associated collection dc:relation A second collection that is associated with the current collection.  
Relationships between the Collection and other resources
Associated publication dcterms:isReferencedBy
(sub-property of dc:relation)
A publication that is based on the use, study, or analysis of the collection.  

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