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Identifier Encoding Schemes

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative - Citation Working Group

24 October 2006

This version:

Editor: Ann Apps <>

MIMAS, The University of Manchester, UK

Status of this document: Completed Working Group Resource

Description: This document contains a list of identifier encoding schemes relevant to journal articles.

1. Standard Identifier Encoding Schemes

The table below lists standard identifers which may be used when capturing bibliographic citation information about resources such as journal articles and books.

It is unclear at present whether it will be necessary to register these identifers as encoding schemes with DCMI, or whether the DCMI recommendation will be to encode them within a string value according to scheme "URI". The table indicates the encoding for each identifier as a URI by example. But note that some of these identifiers have not yet been registered as URNs with the relevant bodies. These encodings are based on the draft 'Guidelines for encoding identifiers in Dublin Core metadata' [1].

Identifier Identifier Name Standard Agency Example Encoding
DOI Digital Object Identifier International DOI Foundation doi:10.1060/abcdefg
ISSN International Standard Serials Number ISSN Internationl Centre urn:issn:0740-8188
ISBN International Standard Book Number International ISBN Agency urn:isbn:1-56592-149-6
SICI Serial Item and Contribution Identifier ANSI/NISO Z39.56-1996 Version 2 urn:sici:07408188(200010)

2. Other Identifier Encoding Schemes

The table below lists other significant identifiers relevant to bibliographic citation information. Because these are not standard identifiers, it will be necessary to encode them within Dublin Core records using application-specific schemes.

Identifier Identifier Name Agency
BICI Book Item and Contributor Identifier NISO Committee AP
PII Publisher Item Identifier Elsevier
PubMed   National Library of Medicine
OpenURL   NISO Committee AX
OAI   Open Archives Initiative

3. References

[1] Powell, A. (2002) Guidelines for encoding identifiers in Dublin Core metadata.