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DCMI Citations Working Group

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative - Citation Working Group

DC9 Citation Break-out Session 2001-10-23 (9:30-11:30am)

Chair: Ann Apps <>, University of Manchester, UK

Main Points

The Working Group will:

Report of DC9 DC-Citation Working Group Session

1. Overview of purpose of group, previous work and current status of proposals.

2. A 'citation' qualifier (element refinement) for dc:identifier, why is this needed?

3. A DCSV , working name DCCITE.

4. OpenURL.

5. Citation qualifier for dc:relation and dc:source

6. XML and RDF encoding of DCCITE sub-elements

7. Encoding schemes

8. Consensus
The meeting agreed on several significant points:

9. Other discussion and points raised

10. Open Issues for later work
These open issues for the WG were noted briefly:

11. Work Plan
Note that this is dependent on agreement by the Citation WG on decisions made at the meeting.