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DCMI Community and Events

The early years of Dublin Core, from 1995 through 2000, were characterized by small, intense face-to-face workshops in seven countries, with improvised processes for seeking rough consensus.

Since then, the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative has evolved into an independent non-profit corporation. Standardization and technical work is now carried out in a work structure governed by policies and approval processes. DCMI's metadata vocabularies are maintained by a standing Usage Board. Starting in 2001, the early workshops were transformed into an international conference series, attracting experts from the private and public sectors, from librarians to researchers and knowledge managers.

DCMI Webinar Series

In addition to the tutorials available through the DCMI International Conference, DCMI presents an ongoing series of webinars.

DCMI Annual International Conference

Since 2001, the DCMI annual conference and workshop Series has been called "The International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications". Conferences include a Tutorial track, a peer-reviewed Conference track, Special Sessions and Working Group meetings attended by hundreds of experts in the field from many countries around the world.

Conference proceedings from 2001 through 2014 are published in DCMI Conference Papers. The venue for the annual conference is rotated among the Americas, Europe, and Austral-Asia to promote world-wide participation. Since 2011, DCMI has maintained a conference website where full information about the upcoming conference (as well as archived conferences) can be found.

  • Upcoming: DC-2018, Porto, Portugal
  • DC-2017, Washington, DC, USA
  • DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil    Host: Universidade Estadual Paulista—São Paulo State University
  • DC-2014, Austin, Texas    Host: Texas Digital Library
  • DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal    Host: INESC-ID
  • DC-2012, Kuching, Malaysia    Host: MIMOS
  • DC-2011, The Hague, The Netherlands    Host: National Library of the Netherlands

Interested in hosting? See: International Conference Host Guidelines

Regional Meetings & Conferences

Each year, DCMI endorses a limited number of regional meetings that advance the role of metadata at the regional level. DCMI's goal is to support select regional meetings addressing best practice in metadata design and use and to provide long-term open access to meeting assets through the DCMI Open Conference System (OCS).

The format of DCMI regional conferences and meetings includes, but is not limited to, seminars, workshops, tutorials, conference (and un-conference)-style meetings, hackfests or any combination of forms. The duration of such regional conferences and meetings can range from one to many days.

Interested in hosting? See: Regional Meeting Host Guidelines

Communities & Task Groups

DCMI Communities bring together people working in a domain with interests related to Dublin Core metadata, the use of Dublin Core specifications, and in metadata best practices in the domain. At a minimum, DCMI community members engage in metadata ecology watch by communicating about upcoming events (conferences, workshops and seminars), new metadata initiatives, new metadata tools and best practices as they emerge in the domain of interest. In addition, DCMI Communities may define targeted work with an agenda carried out by Community Task Groups. DCMI Communities are coordinated by one or two moderators. Each Community has a Web page on the DCMI Web site and a mailing list for discussion and exchange of information. Participation in a DCMI Community is open for anybody who subscribes to the open mailing list.

DCMI Task Groups are established around a specific set of activities leading to a set of deliverables. Task Groups are led by one or two Task Group leaders and consist of a group of people who commit to help perform the defined tasks. Task Groups may have a Web page, a Wiki and a mailing list. Anybody can ask for participation in a Task Group; the Task Group leaders are responsible for assigning tasks to the members. While a few Task Groups serve specific cross-domain, Initiative-wide interests of DCMI by supporting specific outcomes of the DCMI work themes, most Task Groups work as extensions of specific DCMI Communities.

To learn more about the activities of DCMI Communities and Task Groups and to participate, please see the lists of DCMI mailing lists and Wikis

DC-General mailing list, since 1996 the general forum for community participation and announcements. Feedback can be submitted through the feedback page.

Architecture Forum

The DCMI Architecture Forum provides a platform for discussing and developing a model, strategy and roadmap for the practical deployment of Dublin Core metadata using mainstream Web technologies such as XML, RDF, and HTML/XHTML.