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DCMI Software Licenses

DCMI Software

DCMI Open Metadata Registry software

Development of DCMI's registry application, the DCMI Open Metadata Registry, was undertaken by Eric Miller and Todd Matola at the OCLC Office of Research in circa 1999-2000 on the basis of an earlier project, the EOR Toolkit. The Open Metadata Registry was presented by Harry Wagner at the DC-2001 conference in Tokyo. As described in a 2003 answer to the question "What is the Open Metadata Registry?": "The DCMI's Open Metadata Registry is a Web-based semantic modeling tool that uses a form-driven user interface to enable an end-user to define relationships between different vocabularies." The DCMI Open Metadata Registry software became the basis for the DCMI Open Metadata Registry, currently hosted as the "Dublin Core Metadata Registry" by the Research Center for Knowledge Communities at the University of Tsukuba as a collaborative service for the DCMI community. The application is available from DCMI as an open-source project, built entirely with open-source and open-standards software. The registry software is available in Full and Lite variants. Please contact DCMI to request access to the Subversion archive.

MoinMoin Wiki Tool software for Description Set Profiles

In October 2008, "A MoinMoin Wiki Syntax for Description Set Profiles" was published as a DCMI Working Draft. Using this syntax, constraint information about application profiles can be embedded into normal Wiki documents and extracted using a MoinMoin Wiki tool for display in XML. This functionality is illustrated by a marked-up MoinMoin Wiki document for the Scholarly Works Application Profile which yields a representation in XML. As described in the license file of the distribution, this software is available in open source under the terms of the DCMI Public License 2.0.

Vocabulary Management Tool software

DCMI uses a Vocabulary Management Tool to generate documentation for DCMI metadata both as human-readable Web pages (e.g., DCMI Metadata Terms) and machine-readable schemas (e.g., the RDF schema for the DCAM namespace). This tool was developed in circa 2002 by Mitsuharu Nagamori and Harry Wagner. In order to encourage and facilitate the improvement of this software, as well as its use by others, DCMI has made its source code available as an open-source project on the Web-based hosting service Github. As described in the license file on github, the software is made available under the terms of the DCMI Public License 2.0, which corresponds to the BSD license as formulated by the Open Source Initiative.

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative provides software source code under one of the following two licenses: